Well, this weekend saw the celebration of a new milestone in the few years Jewels by Jessica has been online. More sales ever since the new website was launched 10 days ago. I need to spend time tomorrow photographing new designs and putting them online...

I was inspired to check out my visitor stats as well...102.000 visitors since the site was born around 2004 and 5.200 this past month alone... I know many visitors don't stick around for long, but again, I feel this is a pretty good number if one takes into account I am not good with promoting online.

Maybe I needed a sign of optimism, because I have been thinking of a site that would include other Greek Indie Designers...hopefully providing a bridge between them and the rest of the world.

Thinking of names.....any ideas anyone? :) Email me! If you come up with a name we end up using I will send you a free jewel!

Would something funky or something serious be better I wonder...

1) *Designismus*

2) *GreekDesignOnline*

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