Jewels by Jessica & Whitebox at the Meet Market this December!

Jewels by Jessica will be part of the Whitebox team participating at the Xmas edition of the Meet Market.
I sometimes miss going to the monthly affairs with my Organic Soul Bench but life recently has been too busy to keep up with all my hobbies and interests...
So if you come by Gazi, come say hello to all the Whitebox team :)


The Most Amazing Book Ever

Ok, i am sure it is a extremely biased statement, but i am in love with this book.
I had flipped through some pages in Amsterdam, at this great Art bookstore...but had the chance to go through it in detail at Theia's Showroom while waiting the other day...

It is full of stunning garments, detailed photos and descriptions that made my mouth water. I am not involved in fashion as a clothing designer just a lover of everything vintage or antiquet... But who can fail to appreciate the hours and love that went into garments in the past?

Funny enough, i came to visit another blog recently -with a cute article on the Regency era and the birth of undergarments- and this book is a give away gift! (unfortunately only U.S. residents can win)
Nevertheless it has made my mind up for me...i MUST have this book!


Wow! A Cow in my Living Room!

I adore the work of this artist.

Miniatures dollhouse elements and farmhouse animals!

Kitschy, colorful, with a vintage twist...just what i would like for my new space!

Check out the work of WildLifePrints here!


New Female Icon Cameos

Just wanted to post about some new earrings (or ring or pendant) featuring sillouettes of famous influencial and iconic women of the past and present...

Coco Chanel, Jane Austin, Grace Kelly and Maria Callas are the first i created...In black and white but also available with pale pink or pale blue backrounds soon...Take a peek...

Also excited about creating a custom pendant for a Man customer in England...Took some time and emailing back and forth, but i hope he will enjoy the end design..

Finally will create some pieces for a designer i admire very much, more info on that soon...

Thanks have a great weekend :)


Too much on my plate....

.... obviously!

with so many online pages, blogs and things to keep up with, i am not doing a great job with any of them! adding another huge project in the next few days...

so.... my only solution is a very strict online weekly schedule that i will try my best to follow...

I will do my best to keep up with updating everything to do with:

Organic Soul the blog and Facebook page

Whitebox the blog and the Facebook Page

and my own Fan page on Facebook, plus website and e-shop....

More soon about my new project!!!


Winter Rush in the middle of Summer...

It's so hot still in the city...

Just returned from a very short and sweet holiday in the island of Andros and am getting back into the groove slowly.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the Winter Collections named *Abstractions*

You can check out all the collections over on the website


News from the hot empty city...

Well, usually i am away during this time, but due to unforseen circumstances i am stuck in the city still...trying to enjoy the empty and calm centre.

But it has been a busy time for me...making new designs (even some minimal styled pieces which is sooo unusual for me) also had unexpected orders and a couple of custom orders which i always love doing.

So overall August has been creative, even though i crave for a holiday!
go check out the Facebook fan page for more new designs :)


lovely article on Jewels by Jessica (it's all greek to me)

Nelly wrote a very moving article on my work. She has a website-blog with subjects on art, events, people, shops, green issues, anything really that is hapenning in our city.

It is in Greek so sorry to all you guys who might not speak the lingo :)
The most important part of the piece is where she calls me a girl!
Thanks Nelly , u made my day :)


XL Vintage Inspired

I was stunned to discover this young designer. Alison Kelly was a participant on the fashion reality show Project Runway but has come into her own with a collection of delicate, vintage inspired and absolutely feminine pieces.
The suprise for me was the sizing! As a full figured girl i can share with you how hard it is to find vintage pieces or independent new designers producing garments in relatively large sizes. Her XL is actually extra large ;)
Go have a look at her collection over at Dahl by Alison Kelly

Facebook Fan Mega One Day Sale

Join the Facebook Fan Page and very soon (in the next 2 days) i will hold a Mega Sale with selected pieces at ridiculously low prices. Most jewelry 50% off! For one day only, first come, first served!

You can contact me earlier to let me know what you are interested in and we can sort out delivery (pick up or post for extra 5 euros) but on that day make sure you email me before anyone else to grab that piece!

This is my summer farewell and a thank you for all your support and good vibes :)


New Logo New Look New Collections!

I decided to grow up (virtually that is, not in real life! ) and redesign the website, inject it with a bit of sophistication and let go of the cute girly vibe it had.
"Re-Vintage" is part of a parcial re-branding i am doing, giving my business a cleaner look and more focused direction..."Jewels by Jessica" doesn't give you any clue what i am about, but since i have be known as that for more than a decade i wanted to keep it as well.
The shop will be filled with more goodies soon (well, as soon as i finish 2 more projects i am working on for 2 seperate exhibitions) and i am planning on many exciting things come September!
Remember the Summer Sale is still going strong -contact me for discounted prices-and you can preview the Winter collections which will be available soon!
Till then, drop me a note if you feel inspired by my new website :)


Winter 2010-11 Photoshoot

A couple of days ago, dear friends Alison & Sofia were kind enough to pose for some jewelry shoots for the new Collections.

It was great fun, especially since i have spent a month at home after surgery and have missed the girl talk and doing creative things with creative people!

Here are some pics from the Exclusive Collection which is available from now...for the Limited Edition Collections it will be a while till they are unveiled :).


New unique pieces and Winter designs ready. Also Summer Sale!

I have been out of commission for about a month, after a triple whammy surgery extravaganza...Spent a week in the hospital and then spent a stupid amount of time in front of the telly, which i usually loathe...

But this week i managed to get some work done! yeay!
All winter collections are ready, coded and photographed (don't be impatient!) and i also organized and priced some new unique designs... Will also be involved in a bit of a makeover of my brand...I loved the look but I feel i have outgrown it's girlyness and am up some something a bit more upscale, serious and... yes! minimal!!!...
Wait and see what is the new look is like!

This is a sneak peak of the winter collections...

Winter Garden
Reds and greens, flowers, vintage wallpapers, ornate gold.
Dramatic and baroque style.

Geometric shapes, animal prints, curves.
Dynamic combination of vintage and modern.

Cupids & Hearts
Pale pinks and ivories, flowers, hearts, pearls.
Romantic and tender.

Simple rings and cameos with funny,ironic sayings.
Young and economical.

Hope you like the new designs...in the meantime all Summer designs are on Sale!!!

Just check out the website and email me if it's not listed in the shop or visit Whitebox to see what designs are ready to go!



A lot has be going on...!
The exhibition-installation-performance project at Taf (The Art Foundation)
-more about that later...
New unique designs...
A sale on all my Summer 2010 available pieces going on only until the 25th of May!...

...and have already complete some of my new Fall Winter 2010-11 designs!

Above is an example from the new series I just started called Art Cuffs. Vintage pins and odd bits are combined with flowers and swarovskis...each cuff is one of a kind and perfect for the woman who will appreciate it's exuberance!


Jewels by Jessica installation @ Taf

Today is the opening of our Whitebox exhibition at Taf -The Art Foundation-

For whoever doesn't know the place it is a rare gem in the centre of historical Athens...

My installation deals with a sentimental and emotional journey of a girl-woman, from her past to her present and onwards into her future...

The performance directed by Eva Pyr featured a custom design fashioned from a vintage slip, embellished with some tattered elements -a metaphor of the past- and some sparkly pieces -that symbolize the present and future- a bolero that was made by several very old crochet pieces...

The room was inspired by Ms. Havisham from Great Expectations and the feeling of one being stuck in the past, in their memories, fears and traumas...but with a sudden push into reality and maybe happiness...Come check it out, together with 9 more installations that will be there till May 25th. The performance is only for tonight and one repeat performance soon to be decided.

Click on the title to be forwarded to the fcaebook event for all the details!


Marilyn ...past and present

I was watching an interesting documentary about Marilyn's last unfinished movie *Something's got to give* segmented in 5 parts over on YouTube and remembered these sketches i made many years ago...back then i read and collected anything with Monroe..i was kind of obsessed i agree.

Here is the link to the documentary
in this film she shows such vunerability, childlike demeanour and beauty...she died a few weeks after.

and here are the sketches i uploaded on Facebook


Today I want to show you the first of a series of things i yearn for...

This amazing computer keyboard is one of the things i would love to own in a perfect world, where my house would be filled with amazing finds and not the crafty mess that is my reality... Woodguy32 has found a unique way to merge the past with today's technology...aesthetics with function. check him out!



Voluptuous Vintage

Well girls, pay attention because i am in a generous mood! ...
Everyone who adores vintage like me, but is more than a waif, will appreciate how hard it is to find lovely garments in larger sizes...well this seller over on Etsy, has an amazing selection of pieces and many in larger, even plus sizes!
So hurry over, I am sure these will be gone soon ;)


the famous knitted one!

As the second SATC movie is approaching it's much awaited release date, i wanted to blog about an indie designer who got her design featured on this iconice series!
Margaret Nicole, who i know from a while back when i was doing my thing on the interent and met an amazing bunch of people in forums etc, designed these lovely knit clutches with handles reminiscent of knitting needles...She has since then, gone on to become quite well known and has added to her designs creating a distictive brand for herself.

So the smaller independent designers with the right product and the right business head can definately go places, even right into to Carrie Bradshaw's hand in New York :)

P.s. another interesting tidbit is that MN discovered her design copied by an American super company -as is normal nowdays, need i name names?- but with the aid of her patend law expert mother, she fought back, got the knock-off design off the shelves and received compensation! Well done!

p.s. sorry couldn't find a better pic from the series!
find her designs here: http://www.margaretnicole.com/

Spring brings change...

Well it was Spring already when i last updated the website -about a month ago!-, but i decided i wanted a bit of a fresh look for it! As far as my website design, i decide to simplify, then i decide to flourish and the story goes on and on... that's the price i have to pay for having webmaster freedom ;)

It was my *flourishing* time of year, so i added some cute features and rearranged the pages a bit. Take a peek and i would love to hear your opinions.

Join the newsletter for a chance to win a free piece of jewelry every month! (The same goes for my Facebook FanPage so rush over there and join as well!)



...a virtual baptism, a new-found multitasking organizational skill, summer weather, optimism and positivity despite everything....

What do you celebrate each day?

visit http://www.jewelsbyjessica.com to look at designs that might make you happy ;)


"Plum Pretty Sugar has been a journey. Dreamful, lesson-filled but sweet goodness nonetheless." says Plum Pretty Sugar in her profile and i think her creations fit that description perfectly.
Simple, dreamy caftans and dresses in romantic or tropical prints always ethereal!

Finds her designs here http://www.etsy.com/shop/plumprettysugar



Just remembered my Flickr account!....after quite a while and uploaded some new photos...will slowly add to it with more albums about projects i am doing and other exciting -for-me!- stuff...

Send me a contact request -or whatever we do there to connect-
and let's be friends so i can snoop at your photos :)



So Fun

I was just looking through Etsy, looking for some colorful happy things to brighten my day after a bout of food poisoning (me and bf spent the second day of Easter comparing symptoms and pampering eachother) and came upon this lovely umbrella!
So fun, so flowery, i would love to carry it through winter
for a bust of color and a bit of vintage flair!


Loving this suprise :)

Well, i just redesigned elements of my website and am planning on devoting a bit more time promoting my blog, designs and general online presence...

so i googled some keywords to see what comes up and who is succesful in that genre...and guess what? i was in the first 6 or 8 results in vintage jewelry reworked/recycled or recomposed!
All this with not a proper technical elements on the site (you know, all that seo stuff...) and being under the radar for at least 2 years now (while concentrating on Whitebox)
So i guess, with proper devotion, things can only go better :)


Updated website and new online shop!

After a long hiatus...
(you can blame Whitebox -check out http://www.blogbywhitebox.blogspot.com/ and our Facebook Fan Page- and filling out wholesale orders)
...i am back!

The website is updated and streamlined, as i decided to go for a new online shopping format, hopefully easier to update and maintain!

You can find the 2 new Summer collections *Fly Like a Bird* and *Sweet Tooth* as well as my new venture into a clothing line, fashioned after Original vintage patterns in pure silk, embellished with lace, crochet and chiffon detailing. Also i will always have some limited one-of-a-kind pieces, revamped from original vintage jewelry.

Take a peek and promise to ...see you soon :)