Jessica discovers mineral make up :)

I haven't been exited about makeup since I was 13 and discovered liquid eyeliner ala Marilyn Monroe! But now I am experimenting with some new natural products that seem to work really well with my skin creating a smooth porcelain finish, not stuffy and dusty as normal powder makes it.

I ordered some samples from pinkquartzminerals, a seller on my favourite website, etsy.com, after reading some reviews on the forum and was instantly hooked!
The foundation and blush were so natural looking and skin friendly I was amazed. A matt but fresh complexion is what I was looking for and got it with these products. The green corrector powder was a bit tricky to set properly but after trying a different slanted brush I managed to cover my red areas around my nose perfectly.Even with the mini kabuki brush the powders went on smoothly once you figure out the way (a light circular motion) and the minimum powder spill I get when I tap the brush on my vanity is well worth it.

I received my large containers today (foundation, blush and veil) and am all set for my winter face! The eyeshadow samples Doree sent as well are stunning, very much like the Mac make up collection but all natural & vegan which is so much better.

p.s. Any reviews I might write are my personal views, about products I am excited about. They are not promotions or advertisments of any kind.

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