A lot has be going on...!
The exhibition-installation-performance project at Taf (The Art Foundation)
-more about that later...
New unique designs...
A sale on all my Summer 2010 available pieces going on only until the 25th of May!...

...and have already complete some of my new Fall Winter 2010-11 designs!

Above is an example from the new series I just started called Art Cuffs. Vintage pins and odd bits are combined with flowers and swarovskis...each cuff is one of a kind and perfect for the woman who will appreciate it's exuberance!


Jewels by Jessica installation @ Taf

Today is the opening of our Whitebox exhibition at Taf -The Art Foundation-

For whoever doesn't know the place it is a rare gem in the centre of historical Athens...

My installation deals with a sentimental and emotional journey of a girl-woman, from her past to her present and onwards into her future...

The performance directed by Eva Pyr featured a custom design fashioned from a vintage slip, embellished with some tattered elements -a metaphor of the past- and some sparkly pieces -that symbolize the present and future- a bolero that was made by several very old crochet pieces...

The room was inspired by Ms. Havisham from Great Expectations and the feeling of one being stuck in the past, in their memories, fears and traumas...but with a sudden push into reality and maybe happiness...Come check it out, together with 9 more installations that will be there till May 25th. The performance is only for tonight and one repeat performance soon to be decided.

Click on the title to be forwarded to the fcaebook event for all the details!


Marilyn ...past and present

I was watching an interesting documentary about Marilyn's last unfinished movie *Something's got to give* segmented in 5 parts over on YouTube and remembered these sketches i made many years ago...back then i read and collected anything with Monroe..i was kind of obsessed i agree.

Here is the link to the documentary
in this film she shows such vunerability, childlike demeanour and beauty...she died a few weeks after.

and here are the sketches i uploaded on Facebook


Today I want to show you the first of a series of things i yearn for...

This amazing computer keyboard is one of the things i would love to own in a perfect world, where my house would be filled with amazing finds and not the crafty mess that is my reality... Woodguy32 has found a unique way to merge the past with today's technology...aesthetics with function. check him out!