Let Them Eat Cake!

Another super imaginative find from http://www.etsy.com/ ... (can't help if I am addicted to the site!)

These filigree rings are made from what I imagine are dollhouse patisserie cakes, made into beautiful vintage inspired adornments. As the creator mentions, these are not for heavy duty wear, but will make a great impression when worn say at an intimate dinner :)
So cute they can even replace your desert!!


Amazing Recycled Vintage

I discovered a talented designer on Etsy.com a while ago and wanted to share with the rest of you vintage junkies :)

She utilizes antique and vintage pieces in her clothing and jewelry but the piece de resistance is her handmade corset. So popular they have been on Etsy, she was overwelmed with orders!

Check out her work and add her to your favourites, as it is well worth checking back often to see her listings.

Too Long a Break...

Well, I admit, I kind of forgot about blogging for a while...

Stuff happened, good and bad, that kept me from my online experience.

Now I am back and have some tasty little posts planned for your eyes only!

So let me take this opportunity to announce a Spring collection now online on the website...Many new pieces, especially romantic and feminine earrings as well as necklaces.

Go check it out!

Also...Plans for 2 new Summer collections to be unveiled soon!

One with vintage plastic birds in fun pastel colors called Chirp Chirp, the other a glitzy gold array of vintage recycled pieces called Glamourously Gilded...

Have fun with the first flirty fun days of Spring :)