Jewels by Jessica Live

Well, it seems knowing more about website design, doesn't help when you want more with each update ;)

I tried really hard this time to make the site even more organised and professional looking but keeping it cute, fun and girly as well! ...I have my doubts whether I reached all of my high expectations, but after a long time working on it and many many computer malfunctions, here it is for all of you to check out... http://www.jewelsbyjessica.com/

All comments are welcome, especially the good ones...!

Now, at last, I can get back to concentrating on designs and the new collection I am creating. For all of you familiar with my work, it might come as a bit of a surprise, as I mainly have worked with recycled vintage components.

But I am constantly trying out new things and love the challenge of the unknown, so keep posted for the new Jewels by Jessica venture into the world of precious metal :)

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