Winter Rush in the middle of Summer...

It's so hot still in the city...

Just returned from a very short and sweet holiday in the island of Andros and am getting back into the groove slowly.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the Winter Collections named *Abstractions*

You can check out all the collections over on the website


News from the hot empty city...

Well, usually i am away during this time, but due to unforseen circumstances i am stuck in the city still...trying to enjoy the empty and calm centre.

But it has been a busy time for me...making new designs (even some minimal styled pieces which is sooo unusual for me) also had unexpected orders and a couple of custom orders which i always love doing.

So overall August has been creative, even though i crave for a holiday!
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lovely article on Jewels by Jessica (it's all greek to me)

Nelly wrote a very moving article on my work. She has a website-blog with subjects on art, events, people, shops, green issues, anything really that is hapenning in our city.

It is in Greek so sorry to all you guys who might not speak the lingo :)
The most important part of the piece is where she calls me a girl!
Thanks Nelly , u made my day :)