Need to grab some flowers and make a bracelet!

Spent all weekend streamlining my online chaos...now i desperately need to make something :)

As i am involved in 2 other projects, i have ended up with 3 facebook profiles (plus and extra cause one if full), 3 fan pages, 3 blogs, 3 twitters and a variety of online shops !

I managed, armed with a truckload of patience, to sort out, group everything and merged Facebook and Twitter...As i spend most of my time on Facebook i needed to link it to Twitter as well...

Also hopefully published the 2 blogs to Facebook as well, (will see once i publish this post)

Next in turn will be the online shops i have for myself and the other projects...But this will require some thought and accounting magic ;)

See you soon!

In the meantime if you are hungry for some bling, head off to the Fanpage and the updated photo albums.



Nefeli is a sweet and beautiful girl that is a customer as well...
and was kind enough to allow me to photograph her with some of the
Exclusive Re-Vintage pieces!

We did several looks, tried to copy the stained lip from the 1930s and Dior...and did a pin up look with a cupid lip.. It was fun and relaxed :)

Played around with the editing and here is a selection of my favourite shots...
check out more over at the Facebook Fan Page


The darker side of Romance

Fenia Labropoulou did another photoshoot with a completely contrasting concept...and again was kind enough to use some Jewels by Jessica...Enjoy more of her inspiring work here


Snowhite Fairytale Shoot

Fenia Labropoulou is a very talented photographer and an extra sweet person as well.
She used some Jewels by Jessica for a shoot she did recently!
I also had some vintage garments like the corset and corsage that looked right for the theme she wanted...she created a magical scene for her model!

Check out her website as well for more!


Vintage Shoe Fetish

Today i spent some quality time looking at vintage shoes on Etsy...

Unfortunately cannot wear any pairs as i am on my feet a lot and need comfy ones but appreciate the style of these...


Summer Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot a couple of days ago with Cathy Idra, a great girl and a talented singer!
She created a nice contrast for my romantic jewels with her funky vibe and was a dream to work with! Thank you Cathy :)

I did the makeup and styling plus played around with the editing a bit to create a different feel for some of the images...Check out more photos over at the Fan Page!


Facebook Contest & Summer 2011 Preview

Hello my lovelies!

Spring is officially here, even though the weather just remembered it is winter...

Here is a sneak preview of the new collections for Spring & Summer 2011.

You can check out all the collections over at my Facebook FanPage

If you join and invite friends you might be one of the two lucky winners
to receive a Jewel by Jessica gift!