Need to grab some flowers and make a bracelet!

Spent all weekend streamlining my online chaos...now i desperately need to make something :)

As i am involved in 2 other projects, i have ended up with 3 facebook profiles (plus and extra cause one if full), 3 fan pages, 3 blogs, 3 twitters and a variety of online shops !

I managed, armed with a truckload of patience, to sort out, group everything and merged Facebook and Twitter...As i spend most of my time on Facebook i needed to link it to Twitter as well...

Also hopefully published the 2 blogs to Facebook as well, (will see once i publish this post)

Next in turn will be the online shops i have for myself and the other projects...But this will require some thought and accounting magic ;)

See you soon!

In the meantime if you are hungry for some bling, head off to the Fanpage and the updated photo albums.



Nefeli is a sweet and beautiful girl that is a customer as well...
and was kind enough to allow me to photograph her with some of the
Exclusive Re-Vintage pieces!

We did several looks, tried to copy the stained lip from the 1930s and Dior...and did a pin up look with a cupid lip.. It was fun and relaxed :)

Played around with the editing and here is a selection of my favourite shots...
check out more over at the Facebook Fan Page


The darker side of Romance

Fenia Labropoulou did another photoshoot with a completely contrasting concept...and again was kind enough to use some Jewels by Jessica...Enjoy more of her inspiring work here


Snowhite Fairytale Shoot

Fenia Labropoulou is a very talented photographer and an extra sweet person as well.
She used some Jewels by Jessica for a shoot she did recently!
I also had some vintage garments like the corset and corsage that looked right for the theme she wanted...she created a magical scene for her model!

Check out her website as well for more!


Vintage Shoe Fetish

Today i spent some quality time looking at vintage shoes on Etsy...

Unfortunately cannot wear any pairs as i am on my feet a lot and need comfy ones but appreciate the style of these...


Summer Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot a couple of days ago with Cathy Idra, a great girl and a talented singer!
She created a nice contrast for my romantic jewels with her funky vibe and was a dream to work with! Thank you Cathy :)

I did the makeup and styling plus played around with the editing a bit to create a different feel for some of the images...Check out more photos over at the Fan Page!


Facebook Contest & Summer 2011 Preview

Hello my lovelies!

Spring is officially here, even though the weather just remembered it is winter...

Here is a sneak preview of the new collections for Spring & Summer 2011.

You can check out all the collections over at my Facebook FanPage

If you join and invite friends you might be one of the two lucky winners
to receive a Jewel by Jessica gift!


Jewels by Jessica & Whitebox at the Meet Market this December!

Jewels by Jessica will be part of the Whitebox team participating at the Xmas edition of the Meet Market.
I sometimes miss going to the monthly affairs with my Organic Soul Bench but life recently has been too busy to keep up with all my hobbies and interests...
So if you come by Gazi, come say hello to all the Whitebox team :)


The Most Amazing Book Ever

Ok, i am sure it is a extremely biased statement, but i am in love with this book.
I had flipped through some pages in Amsterdam, at this great Art bookstore...but had the chance to go through it in detail at Theia's Showroom while waiting the other day...

It is full of stunning garments, detailed photos and descriptions that made my mouth water. I am not involved in fashion as a clothing designer just a lover of everything vintage or antiquet... But who can fail to appreciate the hours and love that went into garments in the past?

Funny enough, i came to visit another blog recently -with a cute article on the Regency era and the birth of undergarments- and this book is a give away gift! (unfortunately only U.S. residents can win)
Nevertheless it has made my mind up for me...i MUST have this book!


Wow! A Cow in my Living Room!

I adore the work of this artist.

Miniatures dollhouse elements and farmhouse animals!

Kitschy, colorful, with a vintage twist...just what i would like for my new space!

Check out the work of WildLifePrints here!


New Female Icon Cameos

Just wanted to post about some new earrings (or ring or pendant) featuring sillouettes of famous influencial and iconic women of the past and present...

Coco Chanel, Jane Austin, Grace Kelly and Maria Callas are the first i created...In black and white but also available with pale pink or pale blue backrounds soon...Take a peek...

Also excited about creating a custom pendant for a Man customer in England...Took some time and emailing back and forth, but i hope he will enjoy the end design..

Finally will create some pieces for a designer i admire very much, more info on that soon...

Thanks have a great weekend :)


Too much on my plate....

.... obviously!

with so many online pages, blogs and things to keep up with, i am not doing a great job with any of them! adding another huge project in the next few days...

so.... my only solution is a very strict online weekly schedule that i will try my best to follow...

I will do my best to keep up with updating everything to do with:

Organic Soul the blog and Facebook page

Whitebox the blog and the Facebook Page

and my own Fan page on Facebook, plus website and e-shop....

More soon about my new project!!!


Winter Rush in the middle of Summer...

It's so hot still in the city...

Just returned from a very short and sweet holiday in the island of Andros and am getting back into the groove slowly.

Here is a sneak preview of one of the Winter Collections named *Abstractions*

You can check out all the collections over on the website


News from the hot empty city...

Well, usually i am away during this time, but due to unforseen circumstances i am stuck in the city still...trying to enjoy the empty and calm centre.

But it has been a busy time for me...making new designs (even some minimal styled pieces which is sooo unusual for me) also had unexpected orders and a couple of custom orders which i always love doing.

So overall August has been creative, even though i crave for a holiday!
go check out the Facebook fan page for more new designs :)


lovely article on Jewels by Jessica (it's all greek to me)

Nelly wrote a very moving article on my work. She has a website-blog with subjects on art, events, people, shops, green issues, anything really that is hapenning in our city.

It is in Greek so sorry to all you guys who might not speak the lingo :)
The most important part of the piece is where she calls me a girl!
Thanks Nelly , u made my day :)


XL Vintage Inspired

I was stunned to discover this young designer. Alison Kelly was a participant on the fashion reality show Project Runway but has come into her own with a collection of delicate, vintage inspired and absolutely feminine pieces.
The suprise for me was the sizing! As a full figured girl i can share with you how hard it is to find vintage pieces or independent new designers producing garments in relatively large sizes. Her XL is actually extra large ;)
Go have a look at her collection over at Dahl by Alison Kelly

Facebook Fan Mega One Day Sale

Join the Facebook Fan Page and very soon (in the next 2 days) i will hold a Mega Sale with selected pieces at ridiculously low prices. Most jewelry 50% off! For one day only, first come, first served!

You can contact me earlier to let me know what you are interested in and we can sort out delivery (pick up or post for extra 5 euros) but on that day make sure you email me before anyone else to grab that piece!

This is my summer farewell and a thank you for all your support and good vibes :)


New Logo New Look New Collections!

I decided to grow up (virtually that is, not in real life! ) and redesign the website, inject it with a bit of sophistication and let go of the cute girly vibe it had.
"Re-Vintage" is part of a parcial re-branding i am doing, giving my business a cleaner look and more focused direction..."Jewels by Jessica" doesn't give you any clue what i am about, but since i have be known as that for more than a decade i wanted to keep it as well.
The shop will be filled with more goodies soon (well, as soon as i finish 2 more projects i am working on for 2 seperate exhibitions) and i am planning on many exciting things come September!
Remember the Summer Sale is still going strong -contact me for discounted prices-and you can preview the Winter collections which will be available soon!
Till then, drop me a note if you feel inspired by my new website :)