This is a brand new website offering coupons and savings from many Indie (Independent)businesses!

I know I looove to browse through oh so many sites and drool after everything I want to click and buy, well, now I have an extra reason why to buy handmade and Indie!

Visit http://www.indiesave.com/ to see what is on offer, but bookmark and check back often, because discounts and free gifts are added every month...This month yours truly is offering a free pair of earrings with every order.
I know this will be a regular stop for every Indie lover :)


New designs coming...website down...

I have already updated some of the recently sold pieces but want to add a few more and the website will have an array of fresh jewelry!

Unfortunately the server is down since Saturday :( and I cannot contact my hosting to see what is wrong...hopefully this will be resolved soon!

Here is a sneak preview of what is coming...


Vandalised Vintage

These are a long time favourite of mine...just the right mix of vintage love and irreverance!

Recycled vintage plates are embellished with heat fused ceramic paint in naughtly words, biblical saying or in kooky portraits of the famous... Custom orders are also accepted so imagine what a cool gift this would make for your computer nerd or fashion victim friend!