Is website design worth the effort?

I am quite convinced now...after changing the website look completely, into a more compact and professional layout (well, that was my aim anyway!) I am happy to report sales are up :)
I might need a few more days to be convinced it is not a coincidence, but there you go...I suppose spending some money and getting it professionally designed is a smart move after all, I am just happy to be managing on my own up to now. As a control freak I relish in knowing I created the website from scratch with no technical backround whatsoever!
So to all of you wondering, get to work on your site, in the end all the long hours will pay off :)
p.s. thank you to Eva from http://www.needlemedia.com for my custom illustration and to Krystan from http://www.krystan.etsy.com for the new logo, both of them helped immensly in creating the look I was after.

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