Voluptuous Vintage

Well girls, pay attention because i am in a generous mood! ...
Everyone who adores vintage like me, but is more than a waif, will appreciate how hard it is to find lovely garments in larger sizes...well this seller over on Etsy, has an amazing selection of pieces and many in larger, even plus sizes!
So hurry over, I am sure these will be gone soon ;)


the famous knitted one!

As the second SATC movie is approaching it's much awaited release date, i wanted to blog about an indie designer who got her design featured on this iconice series!
Margaret Nicole, who i know from a while back when i was doing my thing on the interent and met an amazing bunch of people in forums etc, designed these lovely knit clutches with handles reminiscent of knitting needles...She has since then, gone on to become quite well known and has added to her designs creating a distictive brand for herself.

So the smaller independent designers with the right product and the right business head can definately go places, even right into to Carrie Bradshaw's hand in New York :)

P.s. another interesting tidbit is that MN discovered her design copied by an American super company -as is normal nowdays, need i name names?- but with the aid of her patend law expert mother, she fought back, got the knock-off design off the shelves and received compensation! Well done!

p.s. sorry couldn't find a better pic from the series!
find her designs here: http://www.margaretnicole.com/

Spring brings change...

Well it was Spring already when i last updated the website -about a month ago!-, but i decided i wanted a bit of a fresh look for it! As far as my website design, i decide to simplify, then i decide to flourish and the story goes on and on... that's the price i have to pay for having webmaster freedom ;)

It was my *flourishing* time of year, so i added some cute features and rearranged the pages a bit. Take a peek and i would love to hear your opinions.

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...a virtual baptism, a new-found multitasking organizational skill, summer weather, optimism and positivity despite everything....

What do you celebrate each day?

visit http://www.jewelsbyjessica.com to look at designs that might make you happy ;)


"Plum Pretty Sugar has been a journey. Dreamful, lesson-filled but sweet goodness nonetheless." says Plum Pretty Sugar in her profile and i think her creations fit that description perfectly.
Simple, dreamy caftans and dresses in romantic or tropical prints always ethereal!

Finds her designs here http://www.etsy.com/shop/plumprettysugar



Just remembered my Flickr account!....after quite a while and uploaded some new photos...will slowly add to it with more albums about projects i am doing and other exciting -for-me!- stuff...

Send me a contact request -or whatever we do there to connect-
and let's be friends so i can snoop at your photos :)



So Fun

I was just looking through Etsy, looking for some colorful happy things to brighten my day after a bout of food poisoning (me and bf spent the second day of Easter comparing symptoms and pampering eachother) and came upon this lovely umbrella!
So fun, so flowery, i would love to carry it through winter
for a bust of color and a bit of vintage flair!


Loving this suprise :)

Well, i just redesigned elements of my website and am planning on devoting a bit more time promoting my blog, designs and general online presence...

so i googled some keywords to see what comes up and who is succesful in that genre...and guess what? i was in the first 6 or 8 results in vintage jewelry reworked/recycled or recomposed!
All this with not a proper technical elements on the site (you know, all that seo stuff...) and being under the radar for at least 2 years now (while concentrating on Whitebox)
So i guess, with proper devotion, things can only go better :)