Loving the Web

Well, if nothing else, it brings you closer to people you would never meet!

Today I received an email from a returning customer in India and also received a visit from another customer from Japan who is visiting Greece.

It is such a gift to be able to mingle with people from around the world, not to mention "meet"all the talented crafters and designers out there as well through forums and related websites.

Just for that, I heart the internet, despite the grief it gives me from time to time...


New Blog

I have started a new blog...It has to do with everything natural and organic for body and soul...


I am learning and educating myself about what I can do to minimize the harmful effects of chemicals, how to positively affect the growing pollution and global warming crisis and discovering the small changes we all can adopt in our everyday life.

Creating pure organic products based on aromatherapy is just an aspect of this concern I have felt for a while now.

Please visit my blog if you wish to contribute or just read posts about a more natural & holistic approach to life. I welcome any comments and interesting links!