New unique pieces and Winter designs ready. Also Summer Sale!

I have been out of commission for about a month, after a triple whammy surgery extravaganza...Spent a week in the hospital and then spent a stupid amount of time in front of the telly, which i usually loathe...

But this week i managed to get some work done! yeay!
All winter collections are ready, coded and photographed (don't be impatient!) and i also organized and priced some new unique designs... Will also be involved in a bit of a makeover of my brand...I loved the look but I feel i have outgrown it's girlyness and am up some something a bit more upscale, serious and... yes! minimal!!!...
Wait and see what is the new look is like!

This is a sneak peak of the winter collections...

Winter Garden
Reds and greens, flowers, vintage wallpapers, ornate gold.
Dramatic and baroque style.

Geometric shapes, animal prints, curves.
Dynamic combination of vintage and modern.

Cupids & Hearts
Pale pinks and ivories, flowers, hearts, pearls.
Romantic and tender.

Simple rings and cameos with funny,ironic sayings.
Young and economical.

Hope you like the new designs...in the meantime all Summer designs are on Sale!!!

Just check out the website and email me if it's not listed in the shop or visit Whitebox to see what designs are ready to go!

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