Need to grab some flowers and make a bracelet!

Spent all weekend streamlining my online chaos...now i desperately need to make something :)

As i am involved in 2 other projects, i have ended up with 3 facebook profiles (plus and extra cause one if full), 3 fan pages, 3 blogs, 3 twitters and a variety of online shops !

I managed, armed with a truckload of patience, to sort out, group everything and merged Facebook and Twitter...As i spend most of my time on Facebook i needed to link it to Twitter as well...

Also hopefully published the 2 blogs to Facebook as well, (will see once i publish this post)

Next in turn will be the online shops i have for myself and the other projects...But this will require some thought and accounting magic ;)

See you soon!

In the meantime if you are hungry for some bling, head off to the Fanpage and the updated photo albums.

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